Monday, September 16, 2013

Something For Everyone

Lot of stocks from different sectors are poise to move higher. Here are some of those stocks from various sector.

The fertilizer sector appears to be waking up after a prolong decline.


AGU is testing the resistance near 90.  If it can move above this resistance, it could retrace back up to the 38.2% fib level near 94.


POT broke above the 32 level and into the huge gap between 31.89-36.99.  If it can hold within this price gap, it could lead to filling this price gap.


MOS also broke into the price gap. Similar to POT, it could be setting up to fill the price gap if it can hold above 44.

In the retailing sector, there are a few stocks making new all time high and a few upscale retailers rebounding from its recent low.


ROST is sitting near the previous all time high and poise to break above it to make another new all time high.


TJX is also sitting near its all time high.  It has pulled back a bit since it made a new all time high.  The hammer doji it printed appear to set up another move toward a newer high.


TIF is bouncing off its rising trend line and could be gearing up to move toward the 83 level with the possibility of making another new high.

In the beverage and fast food retailing sector, specifically in the coffee arena, there are SBUX, GMCR and DNKN that appear to be setting up to move higher.


SBUX continues to hold its ground near the new high territory.  Another new high could be made after it has consolidated recent gains.


GMCR also sitting near its recent new high territory consolidating.  If it makes another new high above the 90 level, it could be headed toward the 98 level.


DNKN is breaking out toward new all time high.  It might consolidate beneath the 45 level before it resume to make a newer high.

For the cloud space, there are RAX and FFIV.


Bumping up against an extended baseline near 52.30.  If it could break above this resistance, 65 could be the next resistance level.


FFIV just completed filling the April price gap and setting its sight on the 107 level.

In the semiconductor sector, INTC and XLNX are showing strength that could lead to higher prices.


INTC bounced off the support level near 22 with a small double bottom price pattern.  It has moved away from the double bottom pivot and appears to be heading to fill the July price gap.


XLNX is breaking out its recent new high and appears to be making its move toward the 50 level.

In the financial sector, MA, BAC and MS are edging higher.


MA making consecutive all time high before it consolidated a bit by printing an NR7 candle.  It seems to have its sight on the 680-690s level.


BAC formed a small double bottom pattern near the 61.8% Fib retracement level and now it appears to be heading toward the breakout level of 15.


MS just recently made a new 52 week high.  It appears to be consolidating near the previous high level around 28.  It could heading toward the upper level of the rising price channel and he 161.8% Fib extension near 30.

Finally, couple auto maker and a web 3.0 company, F, GM & OPEN respectively.


F made a new 52 week high and consolidating under the baseline near 17.50.  If it breaks above this baseline, F could be heading toward the 19 level.


GM attempt to make another new 52 week high but failed and pulled back beneath the 37 level.  If it breaks above the 37.20, it could be heading toward the 40 level


OPEN has been bouncing around near the 76.50 level.  It could be building strength to break above this level and move to 81 and higher.

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