Sunday, April 24, 2016

Which Party Is Responsible?

As the 2016 US Presidential election approaches, Americans are being bombarded with politically biased materials to point finger at the opposing party for the country’s lackluster economic performance, and to compare historically how the US economy performed better under a particular political party. The truth of the matter is both political parties are equally responsible for our country’s mess. There are materials presented to highlight how the stock market had performed better under one political party in power than the other political party. The bottom line is this, “Did either political party made you, your children and your grand children more financially secure for the future?”

If you really love your country, then focus on how to fix our political system instead of laying blames at the opposing party! And don't forget to vote and exercise your rights.

"If you don't vote, you can't complain!"

Here are some views on how both parties are equally responsible for our country’s financial situation.

US federal spending in dollar (inflation adjusted):

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US federal spending in percentage of GDP:

US federal debt in dollar:

US federal debt in percentage of GDP:

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